1971 - 1996
Thierry Zaboitzeff joins the band Art Zoyd in France which he reforms completely in 1975 in cooperation with Gérard Hourbette.
Art Zoyd embarks a number of tours throughout the world, presenting ambitious musical and theatrical projects.
Art Zoyd composes music for the ballet company of Roland Petit ballet, premiered at the Scala di Milano / Italy
Art Zoyd compose the ciné-concerts „Nosferatu“, „Faust“, „Häxan“ and concert-programs, touring world-wide.
With Art Zoyd, Thierry Zaboitzeff releases 12 albums which are continually reissued.  

Performances: La Scala Milan, Yokohama Festival, Hong Kong Arts Festival, Adelaide Festival / Australia, Lincoln Center New York, Queen Elizabeth Hall London, European tours ...

1983 - 1994
Zaboitzeff composes all original soundtracks for the creations of the Collectif Théâtral du Hainaut based at Valenciennes / France

1997 - 2001
Thierry Zaboitzeff leaves Art Zoyd and opens his own studio, founds his band Zaboitzeff & Crew with which he creates many musical projects.
Beyond that, Zaboitzeff engages in many projects either under the aegis of or in association with several film makers, theater directors and choreographers and such as Editta Braun, Beda Percht, Eric Lacascade, Stéphane Vérité, Hubert Lepka, Harald Friedl, Nathalie Borgers and others.

A veritable sculptor of sonic spaces, he integrates himself within very different universes, and he participates in projects and events that are presented throughout various European capitals.

2002 - 2003
Creates with Zaboitzeff & Crew "Missa Furiosa“ for Bruckner Festival at Posthof, Linz / Austria. This Latin mass for techno-pop ensemble and lyrical singers, which is situated somewhere in between techno-rock and classical on the spectrum of musical genres, is later taken on tour.

Creates with Zaboitzeff & Crew „Llibre Vermeil“, an electronic adaptation of a collection of 13th-century religious hymns, which they perform in Salzburg.

Thierry Zaboitzeff is invited to compose the music for a performance in homage of Jules Verne “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” performed live by Zaboitzeff & Crew at the Stade de France, Paris, St. Denis, in December 2005 in front of 90.000 spectators.

2006 to 2012
numerous compositions - studio and live - for theater (Die Orestie, Prometheus), dance (Coppercity, Paradies ...) and cinema, latest creation for film: “Wind of Sand, Women of Rock” by Nathalie Borgers, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - ciné-concert - international caligari Festival Berlin,  solo concert performance - Cross the Bridge, open air multi-media event: "2011 Feuerwelt eine Sciencefiction" Linzer Klangwolke 2011. 

1997 - 2019
Thierry Zaboitzeff releases 21 albums, which are situated somewhere amongst the genres of symphonic rock, electronic music, and acoustic music.




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